the story behind the stove

So it was a very hungry day, bunbun is in need of food. craving can not be more harder.. and that was when the decision finally been made.

into the kitchen.

taking some action..

slowly becoming friend with the Spatula and cheerfully enjoying the sound of mixer and sightseeing the cake inside the oven, bunbun is inlove with the world of baking.

bunbun have found her sanctuary, save from the other side of the world.. her own world..

but, still, there’re a lot of things to learn..

so, .. fightoo!!!

bunbun starts her battle.

(even if it started from chapter 1: i can’t cook)


About chubbylicious

a young mommy that accidentally found a sanctuary place in front of the oven.. now wanting to learn more.. View all posts by chubbylicious

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